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Puffer Vest and Jcrew


Puffer Vest and Jcrew


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Life Aquatic Vibes. Needs some fine tuning but done for today. #pigmamicron #campvibes #billmurry #lifeaquatic #illustration


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Sunshine all the time makes a desert

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These simple words are so profound & thought provoking.

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Thanks for following me! I'm glad you did so I could find your lovely blog! So you're a creative director? That's awesome! Do you enjoy it? I'm a recent graphic design declared student ha.
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You have a beautiful blog too! Now, I am an Director of Marketing for a coffee shop. And I love my job. Cheers to making life decisions, I hope it is beautiful for you!



Around and around the house the leaves fall thick—but never fast, for they come circling down with a dead lightness that is sombre and slow. Let the gardener sweep and sweep the turf as he will, and press the leaves into full barrows, and wheel them off, still they lie ankle-deep.
Charles Dickens, Bleak House  (via thatkindofwoman)

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Talk to people as if they’re the only ones in the room. Really look them in the eye. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to nod every two seconds or utter some nonsensical adjective in agreement. No, if you pay attention to the way their eyes light up or the unexplainable movement of their hands I think that’s enough. Listening is also an art form - it’s being part of the conversation without saying anything at all.


Perpetual Calendar, 2013 | by Arina Pozdnyak

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You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.

Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

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After 6.5 years, I am starting a new working life. A few days off and then you can find me at @oldfactorycoffeeshop!


Here’s a scan of my first Harry Potter a Day project drawing. 

I’m going to try to draw a HP character a day until I run out, or at least get to the Maisie Cattermoles and Ivor Dillonsbys of the series. Each drawing will be varying in complexity depending on how much time/energy I have. 

DAY 1, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. 

Oh my word, you just combined two of my favorite things. Your work and Harry Potter.

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I don’t fall in love with the wilderness anymore - it does nothing for me.
Instead, I fall in love with the pine trees, because of their scent and the noise they make when wind rushes through them.
I fall in love with alpine meadows with a trail leading up to a lake.
I fall in love with the clear blue waters of high mountain streams, and miss shaped lakes.
And I fall so deeply in love tall mountains, the way they cast their shadows, their simplicity.
I don’t just fall in love with the wilderness, I fall in love with each and every part, because they bring out something different.


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‘starfield’ hand-stitched leather journal by odelae

there are SO many things to love about this beautiful handmade journal … the cool stone grey leather. the detailed and beautiful hand stitching. the trendy galaxy-printed interior. AND the fact that the paper is 100% recycled :) odelae, you’ve outdone yourself.