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I want to gracefully let go of the things I thought I wanted for the future and hold fast to whatever God has for me now.

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A little homestead nestled away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina (see more here)

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Everything you love is here

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Wine. Pickled beets. Balsamic. My husband knows the way into my heart. #betterthanflowers #feelingknown


De Kooning in his studio, with a bottle of safflower oil and bowls of paint on his worktable, 1971. Photo Dan Budnik.

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As you float now, where I held you
and let go, remember when fear
cramps your heart what I told you:
lie gently and wide to the light-year
stars, lie back, and the sea will hold you.

Philip Booth, from his poem “First Lesson”

I soooo appreciate how our readers leave these lovely citations in our comments sections.

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Sit by the window at Yumchaa for some prime London people-watching

Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist  (via thatkindofwoman)

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I need to over the weekend, plan my birthday dinner.

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Michela Picchi’s Home in Berlin | iGNANT

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