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Psychologists and neuroscientists say it is far too soon to declare handwriting a relic of the past. New evidence suggests that the links between handwriting and broader educational development run deep. Children not only learn to read more quickly when they first learn to write by hand, but they also remain better able to generate ideas and retain information. In other words, it’s not just what we write that matters — but how.

“When we write, a unique neural circuit is automatically activated,” said Stanislas Dehaene, a psychologist at the Collège de France in Paris. “There is a core recognition of the gesture in the written word, a sort of recognition by mental simulation in your brain. And it seems that this circuit is contributing in unique ways we didn’t realise,” he continued. “Learning is made easier.”

The neuropsychology of handwriting, perhaps reason enough to resurrect the lost art of writing letters.

Complement with Edgar Allan Poe on what handwriting reveals about character.  

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A Mouse Love Story — feltingdreams

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My heart!!!!

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» It’s The Little Things

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Louisa May Alcott’s “Orchard House” in Concord, Massachusetts. Setting for “Little Women.”

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Blackboard Bon Mots [via]

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I can barely conceive of a type of beauty in which there is no Melancholy.
The Flowers of Evil, Charles Baudelaire  (via thatkindofwoman)

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I want a print of this on my office wall.

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“The Second Object, designed by Jorge Diego Etienne in collaboration with Savvy Studio for Casa Bosques, is a mug that continues to work with the ideals of the brand by amplifying the rituals suggested by nature.

The Second Object is inspired by the traditional Japanese lacquered cup. The ceramic container is made for hot liquids and is held by a wooden cup that helps disperse heat. The ceramic is in the same form as the pot from the First Object, but with the sculpted wooden cup design, it eliminates the need for a handle, creating an even more intimate experience with the smells, climate, and sensations of the season. The ceramic keeps the same form as the pot from the First Object, while the sculpted wooden cup’s design eliminates the need for a handle creating an even more intimate experience from the temperature, smells and sensations of the season.”

We are a multidisciplinary studio dedicated to developing brand experiences that generate lasting bonds between our clients and their public. Our team is made up of specialists in Marketing, Communication, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Creative Copywriting and Architecture. We also work closely with international artists and designers, and we offer innovative creative solutions with a global competitive vision.

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